Celebrating Thanksgiving Day While On The Road

November 23, 2016 Comments Off on Celebrating Thanksgiving Day While On The Road

It can be difficult to be on the road during the holidays. Not only may you be missing out on fun family time, but it’s sometimes tough?to find places to spend the holiday and get a great meal. Luckily, more and more restaurants and convenience stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. As a trucker, your biggest problem will be finding a good spot to park in order to eat your favorite food or a delicious turkey dinner.

Read on for a list of tips?to help you enjoy?your Thanksgiving holiday no matter where you are.

  • Most major gas stations and truck stops will be open for some amount of time on Thanksgiving Day.?Those open 24 hours include Love’s Travel Stops, Pilot Travel Centers,?Sapp Bros. Travel Centers and Flying J.
  • You may also find smaller truck stops offering special meals. One such stop in?Idaho?has gotten a fair amount of press among the trucking community. The Boise Stage Shop?is offering a free home-cooked Thanksgiving?dinner to CDL holders and one guest, plus discounted meals for kids and additional adults.
  • Community centers offer free meals to just about anybody who wants to attend – and you may even be able to offer volunteer work before or after the meal. Even if you aren’t from the community, your presence will be welcomed and you just might strike up conversation with folks you never would have met otherwise.
  • Churches in cities across the United States often provide free meals to the community. Again, you may be able to offer some volunteer time to help set up or clean up after the meal.
  • Restaurants, though difficult for parking your truck, are increasingly open on Thanksgiving Day. If turkey dinner isn’t your thing, a restaurant with?additional menu options?may be your best bet. Keep in mind that some restaurants have limited menus or require reservations on holidays. Call ahead to confirm holiday hours and reservation policies.

Although being away from family can be difficult for?truckers during this time of year, you can always find a community outside of your own to converse and dine with on Thanksgiving Day. And as always, tools like video calling apps?allow you to?take part in?the fun your family is having back home.

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We hope you have a wonderful, safe, delicious Thanksgiving?holiday.

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