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      How We Deliver Value

      While accurate, on-time deliveries are J.B. Hunt's specialty, our customers receive a number of unexpected benefits. These include improved margins, lower administrative costs and stronger balance sheets. Though each solution is unique, our customers benefit from a better, more profitable business. J.B. Hunt knows transportation. Customers know their industry. Together, we address concerns, solve operational problems and anticipate needs to deliver quality solutions.

      Minimize Risk

      One accident can devastate a business' finances and reputation. Regulations change frequently, requiring constant attention to avoid fines and protect those on the road. Safety is part of J.B. Hunt's culture, and we have innovative ways to monitor and comply with industry regulations. We use enhanced driver training programs and new, cutting-edge technology to absorb operational risk and provide our dedicated customers with peace of mind.

      Improve Efficiency

      Transportation represents a small percentage of business expenses but requires ample time and money to manage efficiently. Working with J.B. Hunt improves efficiency by allowing our experts to optimize routes. We'll remove empty miles and manage backhaul to save time and costs. Customers have complete visibility of all expenses, as well as the knowledge and flexibility to help make good business decisions.

      Increase Flexibility

      With large fleets and four distinct operating units, J.B. Hunt has the flexibility and scale to allocate personnel and equipment to meet changing business needs quickly.

      Expand Technology

      Innovative technology is essential to running a good business. Unfortunately, it's also expensive and constantly evolving. J.B. Hunt implements the latest technology to enhance visibility and on-demand tracking, which keeps goods moving and customers happy. J.B. Hunt combines innovative technology with more than 50 years of supply chain success to create cutting-edge solutions at a low cost for our customers.

      Elevate Customer Service

      Good customer service is the foundation of a company's reputation. Businesses work hard to develop quality products for consumers, and the delivery experience is an extension of those goods. J.B. Hunt knows each of these products has unique requirements such as critical delivery windows and special handling needs. We work with customers to exceed those requirements. Our goal is a positive, professional delivery experience every time.

      Enhance Brands

      The strongest businesses are built on solid brands that are meaningful to consumers. To uphold these brands, J.B. Hunt customizes driver uniforms and delivery trucks with dedicated customers' logos. We are more than just an extension of these brands; we are ambassadors for them. We are committed to representing customers in the best way possible. Updated equipment and outstanding service reflective of a company's values mean improved delivery experiences, better business and stronger brands.

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      Learn more about the technology used by J.B. Hunt’s DCS team to deliver value to our customers.
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