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      J.B. Hunt has a long-standing strategic focus on technology. Our customers, suppliers and employees continuously push us to create more value through increased automation, visibility and information. Our award-winning information systems are integrated across all operating units and used with most computing platforms, from PCs to mainframes.

      Total Shipment Visibility

      Shipment visibility is near real-time, based on on-board communications updated at least hourly. J.B. Hunt information systems collect, track and monitor each shipment's progress. Secured customer access to this information is available from any internet connection.

      Internet Shipment Tracking

      Our customers have access to shipment track and trace data through the J.B. Hunt Transport website. This intuitive, easy-to-use tool allows secured access to shipments, from origin to destination. Shipment information includes Order Tracking, Quick Load Tracing and Transport Proof of Delivery.

      Centralized Invoicing

      We minimize administrative overhead costs through process simplification, standardization and automation. Invoice data is taken directly from the operating system to create an automated invoice. Summarized invoices are available, as is supporting detail information.

      Customized Management Reports

      DCS provides a variety of customized reporting solutions. These reports are generally scoped during the kick-off process, and are delivered within a typical start-up timeframe of sixty to ninety days. Throughout the operation, additional reports are created as needed or requested by our customers. We can also provide raw data for our customer's own report development purposes.

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