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      Who We Serve

      In the past, companies often felt having a private fleet was easier, more efficient and the best way to ensure good customer service. In every industry, today's increasing regulations, mounting liability risks and growing technology requirements make outsourcing your fleet a smarter choice.

      Ironically, outsourcing is the way smart companies are now achieving a competitive edge. J.B. Hunt Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) takes the effort, risk and expense out of transportation management - giving customers the tools to provide better service and the resources to grow business and profits.

      "We didn't lose control of anything. What we gained was an opportunity to go more places... we gained the opportunity to limit our liability. We gained the opportunity to save money in the long haul and, more importantly, I think we gained the opportunity to focus on our core business."

      -Customer and Chief Operating Officer at a nationwide restaurant chain.


      Transporting live and often sensitive goods is a big responsibility. J.B. Hunt specializes in feed, hatching egg, bulk milk and livestock fleets. Drivers serving these customers know that safety and accountability are essential. This is where our broad experience in this industry sets us apart.


      • Best in class at recruiting and retaining drivers
      • Real-time visibility of fleet movement
      • Strong investment in animal welfare procedures
      • Latest technology to decrease incidents of rollovers


      The world relies on retail, and on-time deliveries can mean the difference between record sales and slumping profits. Tight delivery windows and just-in-time deliveries give J.B. Hunt's dedicated customer a competitive advantage.

      J.B. Hunt Offers

      • Multi-stop delivery
      • Driver assistance with unloading
      • Ability to adjust resources for seasonal highs and lows
      • Massive backhaul network with potential for generous savings


      Construction booms are seasonal, so J.B. Hunt allocates personnel and equipment to ensure the materials they need are on site and ready to use when the time is right.


      • Ability to adjust resources tor seasonal highs and lows
      • Specialized equipment - moffets, booms, glass trucks and more
      • Multi-stop and job site deliveries
      • Customer branded uniforms and equipment


      From restaurant delivery to grocery replenishment, J.B. Hunt is an expert at making sure critical food products are transported safely. We can even handle market fluctuations around holidays and severe weather. Whether dry, fresh or frozen, we maintain the highest standards of service and food safety.

      J.B. Hunt Offers

      • Specialized training tor food handling and safety
      • Company employed Food Safety Experts
      • Proactive alignment with customers' HACCP programs
      • Refrigerated drop and multi-temperature trailers


      The sensitive medical supply industry operates round-the-clock, so dependability, accuracy and on-demand availability are necessities. J.B. Hunt offers a dedicated employee and asset-based solution to make sure the capacity is there when customers need it.


      • Consistency and control not achieved with couriers and agents
      • Strict standards for driver appearance and professionalism
      • Attention to rotation of delivered stock
      • Specialized training programs for particular needs

      Home Delivery

      A small misstep during a home delivery can cause a big problem. J.B. Hunt offers a level of customized training and professionalism that can't be duplicated by multiple contractors. We make consumers comfortable by treating their new products and homes with respect and professionalism.

      J.B. Hunt Offers

      • Delivery available from threshold to a specific room
      • White glove service from start to finish
      • Full installation of furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, etc.
      • Monitoring and survey processes to track customer satisfaction


      When it's time to reduce inventory and costs or ramp up production, J.B. Hunt stands ready with the right resources to react quickly to market demands.


      • Hiring and training of the right drivers
      • Continuous training programs
      • A culture of safety
      • Specialized equipment

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      How We Deliver Value
      Learn more about the unexpected benefits J.B. Hunt delivers to our DCS customers.
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