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      Business to Business

      At the dock or on the showroom floor, J.B. Hunt Final Mile employees are knowledgeable, prompt and always professionally trained. Whether you need retail delivery with appointment services or a unique logistics solution, J.B. Hunt provides the expertise and training necessary to accomplish your goals.

      B2B Services Include:

      • Flexible, single-source solution
      • Loading ramps or lift gates standard at no added costs
      • Consolidation, returns management, warehouse services
      • Specialized equipment
      • Installation, assembly or deluxing services
      • Special products management

      J.B. Hunt offers all the following advantages for all services:

      • Uniformed and background screened two-person delivery teams
      • Professional company drivers with standardized training across all locations
      • Scheduled appointments
      • Satisfaction surveys / follow up
      • J.B. Hunt-owned and branded late-model equipment
      • Handheld scanning for real-time communication
      • Delivery tracking
      • Alert notification
      • Reporting

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